Hey! Welcome to the about page!

About the Crimson Fly:

The Crimson Fly was  an animated webcomic about a teenager who learns that their deformities are actually superpowers! Sadly, that comic is on hiatus while the author learns how HTML5 works. This is not that comic.

About Flybits:

This comic is “The Crimson Fly: Flybits!”
What trouble does the Crimson Fly get into on their off-days? What obvious goofs will they make on their way to becoming a true superhero? How will the bad guys, the good guys, the city, and general serendipity mess with the Crimson Fly? Stay tuned to find out!

The (Principle) Cast!

The Crimson Fly:

Our super-powered main character, with boundless enthusiasm and penchant for leaping into trouble before looking.
Strips featuring “The Crimson Fly:” Uh…. the entire series?

“Jimmy,” The Criminal:

A hapless Criminal with possibly worse luck than the Crimson Fly.
Strips featuring “The Criminal:” Link

“Joy,” The Bystander:

A hapless bystander with a knack for getting in trouble precisely where the Crimson Fly will be available to save her. The mask and legs are little off-putting to her though…
Strips featuring “The Bystander:” Link

Copper John, the Police Officer:

A hapless cop who doles out justices as he sees fit, and tends not to discriminate between malicious mischief or misguided vigilantism, unfortunately for our main character!
Strips featuring “The Officer:” Link

More Characters to be added as they become less one-off and more reoccurring!

About the author:

Primary doodler (writer, artist, animator, programmer) of the animated Webcomic, The Crimson Fly (and its spinoff, The Crimson Fly Flybits!). Loves cool poses, stark shadows and dynamic action.

Update Schedule:

Every Weekday (Monday through Friday; weekends are my breaks)! Enjoy!