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Jan 30th, 2018

Jan 31st, 2018
Well, in her defense, Jim the Criminal's not wearing a mask...
Feb 19th, 2018
"No, the Crimson Fly isn't a bug monster...."
Feb 22nd, 2018
"All those dumpster landings can't be good for your hygiene..."
Feb 26th, 2018
"Not all entrances have to be dramatic, CrimFly."
Mar 5th, 2018
"How do you mix up blood and cherry soda? Heat-of-the-moment thing?"
Mar 5th, 2018
"But seriously, how does a warning sense distinguish between good and bad approaches?"
Mar 9th, 2018
"Because no one likes being arrested!"
Mar 13th, 2018
"To be fair, a lot of people don't realize those simply-drawn circles are supposed to be goggles."
Mar 15th, 2018
"Yeah, now's not the best time to argue about how best to be a hero, huh, CrimFly?"