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Feb 5th, 2018
"A little bit of boredom isn't a bad thing, CrimFly..."
Feb 6th, 2018
"I wonder if GPS works from that height..."
Feb 7th, 2018
"Ew! How unsanitary and uncivilized! Who bites people?!"
Feb 8th, 2018
"Hey, on the plus side, he's not dead, CrimFly!"
Feb 9th, 2018
"To be fair, Batman' doesn't actually operate the Batsignal..."
Feb 12th, 2018
"That's what you get for judging a dude by their size, CrimFly."
Feb 13th, 2018
"Sadly, super-speed was not part of the 'super-power' package for the Crimson Fly."
Feb 14th, 2018
"Ooh, that was probably very valuable, wasn't it?"
Feb 15th, 2018
Yes, even bad guys can have friends, CrimFly."
Feb 16th, 2018
"Never Mess with granny, CrimFly!"