“The Crimson Fly finds out that not all thunderstorms are great for dramatic declarations.”

IN OTHER NEWS (January 15th, 2017):
Hey All! Welcome to a new Crimson Fly series! The Crimson Fly: Flybits!
What trouble does the Crimson Fly get into on their off-days? What obvious goofs will they make on their way to becoming a true superhero? How will the bad guys, the good guys, the city, and general serendipity mess with the Crimson Fly? Stay tuned to find out!

See ya tomorrow!

↓ Transcript
Panel 01:
Crimson Fly: What a wonderful night to be... THE CRIMSON FLY!

Panel 02:

Panel 03:
Crimson Fly: Stupid Dramatic Thunder!... Wait... Is that...?

What a horrible night to be... the Crimson Fly...