“That’s what you get for judging a dude by their size, CrimFly.”

IN OTHER NEWS (February 12th, 2017):
“Sorry it’s running a little late, everybody! Last week was not a good week for me. Luckily everything’s all set for regular updates, so this should be the only ‘late’ update today! Seeya tomorrow!”

↓ Transcript
Panel 01:
The Crimson Fly: Hey! Stop!

Panel 02:
The Crimson Fly: "Oh, Wow... You are ....big...."

Panel 03:
The Crimson Fly: Well, he's so big, he's gotta be slow, right?

Panel 04:
The Crimson Fly: Meep!

Panel 05:
The Crimson Fly: Right... Big... Not... Slow..