“How’d the keys get down there? Maybe he couldn’t reach them?”

↓ Transcript
Panel 01: (The Crimson Fly spies on a figure in the distance fiddling with a car door)
The Crimson Fly: Ooh! Carjacking! Nice!

Panel 02: (The Crimson Fly slams into the supposed carjacker)
The Crimson Fly: Gotcha, carjacker!

Panel 03: (The Crimson Fly straddles the supposed carjacker, who attempts to defend themself)
Lonny: Hey! This is my car, man!

Panel 04: (The Fly realizes that the man had simply lost his keys under his car)
The Crimson Fly: Yeah, right! If that's true, then where... ...are... ...your keys...?

Panel 05: (as the man speeds off in his car, the Fly muses on their misunderstanding)
The Crimson Fly: Well, how the fudge was I supposed to know?!