“And sometimes, its not an epic chase sequence. It happens, CrimFly.”

↓ Transcript
Panel 01: (Luisa the store owner shouts for help in front of her vandalized store as the Crimson Fly drops in)
Luisa: Help!

Panel 02: (The Crimson Fly rushes off, while Luisa points them in the right direction)
Luisa: Some hoodlum broke into my store! They went that way!
The Crimson Fly: Gotcha, ma'am!

Panel 03: (The Fly spots a trail leading around the corner)
The Crimson Fly: A trail! This'll be easy!

Panel 04: (The Crimson Fly runs around the corner, ready for a fight)
The Crimson Fly: Alright, you-!

Panel 05: (The Fly is deflated, as the vandal turns out to just be a raccoon)
The Crimson Fly: ...you're just a raccoon, aren't you?